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Sajan, Inc.

Sajan is a B2B language service provider offering translation technology solutions to some of the world’s leading brands.


Sajan was at the beginning of a major growth spurt at the time I came onboard. We were starting to compete on a global level and needed to step up our marketing presence. I lead a tightly knit team–including a talented copywriter and video specialist–to develop a Marketing strategy that supported Sales’ efforts, drove lead generation and promoted the company as a thought-leader and innovator in the localization industry.

Creative Driver

We’re your localization know-it-alls.


Identity creation | Branding | Art direction | Print & web design | Web development | UX design | Marketing strategy

Project Goal

Company Rebrand

My first project upon being hired at Sajan was to lead a rebrand and visually define the next phase of growth with a more approachable and scalable solution. It was important to keep company values in the forefront of this rebrand — friendly customer service and superior technology — all while positioning the company as a thought-leader in the heavily saturated vertical. I dove in by researching the industry and our competitors, conducting interviews, establishing buyer personas and then on to sketching and ideation.

Original 1992-2014
Rebranded 2014-present


Dozens of edits later, a new branding system had been established. The structure and guidelines I had meticulously defined were now applied across all global offices locations and onto marketing and sales collateral. Two years later, web traffic had risen 163% due to our SEO efforts in the website redesign. Web lead generation and email engagement were also showing significant increases.

Client Feedback

“I see you’ve modified your branding! It looks great, congrats! I do like it, the idea is simple and modern, clear and focused!”

Project Goal

Interactive Sales Presentation

In an effort to differentiate Sajan from its competitors and stand out from all the sleepy PowerPoint decks, I built a web-based interactive presentation. The main goal of this was to combat the limitations of the linear path defined by most traditional presentation tools. This became a powerful Sales resource as it opened up a choose-your-own-story approach. While using the same presentation for all clients, Sales were able to deliver a customized presentation based on the client. Beyond that, it helped maintain brand consistency, messaging and provided useful analytics for continuous optimization.