Sajan is a B2B language service provider offering translation technology solutions to some of the world’s leading brands.


Sajan started as a small, local business venture and evolved into a successful international tech company. It was during this accelerated growth in which I was hired as their in-house Senior Graphic Designer. I lead the design initiative to rebrand and reposition the company as a global competitor.  I developed and implemented a new visual identity system. Beyond the rebranding,  I led a small creative team by supporting Sales with graphic design production, driving lead generation through all digital channels and contributing to the overall marketing strategy.

Roles | Identity + Branding | Art direction | Print & digital design | Website development | UX design | Marketing strategy

Creative Driver

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My first project upon being hired at Sajan was to lead a rebrand and visually define the next phase of growth with a more approachable, scalable and global solution. It was important to keep company values at the forefront of this rebrand—friendly customer service and superior technology—all while positioning the company as a thought-leader in a heavily saturated vertical. After research, definition and ideation, a final direction was established and eagerly welcomed amongst the stakeholders.


The new style guide and design system were applied across our corporate and marketing collateral and the new website was launched. One year later, web-driven lead generation and email engagement had significantly risen. Web traffic increased 163% due to our SEO efforts in the website redesign.

“I see you’ve modified your branding! It looks great, congrats! I do like it, the idea is simple and modern, clear and focused!”

Client feedback

Marketing Assets

For 3 years, I continued pushing the brand across digital and print assets. I led a tight-knit creative team of a copywriter and video production specialist as we supported the entire organization’s marketing efforts. 


Case Studies + White Papers | Both digital and print assets were frequently prepared to support Sales and drive lead generation.


Infographics | Visual graphics were made for the blog, as collateral, site assets and print pieces.


Event Signage | I supported events by creating signage, promos and handouts.

Interactive Presentation

Sales Tool

I built a browser-based, interactive presentation to combat limitations of the linear path defined by traditional presentation tools. Sales were able to deliver a customized build-your-own-story presentation based on the client’s needs and in the moment reactions. In addition, it helped maintain consistency with our branding, sales’ messaging and provided useful analytics for continuous optimization.

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